Working Mathematically and Growth Mindset

Part 2

How does a change in mathematical disposition and working mathematically work together? 

To tackle this question it is necessary to completely strip down what working mathematically is and how it fits not only within the curriculum but also within the content. The statements and definitions of working mathematically can be stripped back to the most basic of elements. Working Mathematically is divided into 5 different areas. 

  1. Communicating.
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Reasoning
  4. Understanding 
  5. Fluency

To further understand exactly what is required when working mathematically and to understand what we are looking for in students the working mathematically detailed descriptions were used to build Learning intentions and Success Criteria for each element.

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Within our grade team, this deeper unpack led to  a greater focus on Reasoning,  Problem Solving and Communicating.  This is because the skills that students display from the core of the Youcubed framework  actually work hand in hand with working mathematically. 

  1. The many ways we see mathematics. – Problem solving
  2. Mistakes are beautiful things. – Reasoning
  3. When you believe, amazing things happen. – Problem Solving and Understanding
  4. Conjectures, creativity and uncertainty – Problem Solving and Reasoning
  5. Engaging visual pathways. – Problem Solving, Communicating, Reasoning, Understanding
  6. Strategies for learning maths. – Reasoning and Fluency
  7. Speed is not important – Problem Solving, Fluency, Reasoning
  8. Our brains constantly change and grow. – Problem Solving and Reasoning
  9. Believe in yourself. – All five areas 

This led to – the influence of working mathematically when students are tasked with problems.

Part 3

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