Makey Makeys, Circuits, and Coding in the classroom.

I launched an ambitious project for my class combining the following elements that align with the new Science and Technology Syllabus in NSW from next year. The elements are

  • Design and Production
  • Working Scientifically
  • Circuits
  • STEM
  • Coding
  • Design thinking

Our unit was based on the Project Based Learning Pedagogy and was named A Buzz or Short Circuited. Our driving question was

How can we as game designers and scientists create a game or model that uses coding and electricity for (INSERT AUTHENTIC AUDIENCE)?

Entry Event

Our entry event was to get the students hooked on what we were doing so we launched a games afternoon where they were able to play a scaletrix set, Makey Makeys, the operation board game, or spheros.

Here are some pics from the event


The design phase was an interesting one. In hindsight, the biggest issue with the student’s designs is that they really had no scope of what they could actually do with the equipment provided.  The process of design thinking was inparticular interesting and something that I will need to recover in greater depth again.

Equipment list

  • Makey Makeys
  • Sphero
  • Chrome books
  • LEDS
  • Wires
  • Batteries


This was one of the most engaged classes I have ever seen, the students required a lot of time to make their final products but for what they produced was fabulous. The following is a list of products that the students all made.

The Final products.

Below are some pictures of the final products

  • Digital picture book complete with animations
  • Digital Game – Avoid the object
  • Garage Fruit Band Physical Game
  • Sphero Dinosaur shooting game
  • Lego robotics marble maze game
  • Musical quiz challenge game
  • Sports quiz game