ICT in the classroom
Teaching to Code in Classrooms
Teach Coding in the classroom
A teachers guide to teaching coding in the primary classroom
Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship, why does it matter? who does it hurt? So what, I don't care what I post, it won't affect me.

ICT in the classroom

Australia is moving into using a full ICT curriculum within the classroom by 2017. My aim for my site is to provide resources for teachers and students to become fantastic 21st Century teachers and learners. This will include :- ICT for infants Apps for literacy Apps for numeracy Apps for feedback ICT skills in the infant classroom ICT for primary including :- ICT Skills Programming or coding skills Computer Game design skills and possibly course STEM skills Robots in the classroom Arduino in the classroom Raspberry pi in the classroom

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Coding in the classroom

<div></div> This is a teachers guide to learning to become a programmer or coder. This is a basic how to guide on teaching coding in the classroom, what do i teach to who? What is appropriate, and what is not? How does this align with the curriculum?

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Digital Citizenship

This is a guide to becomming responsible global digital citizens in this fast paced, dynamic world that we now live in. How can we encourage staff, students and ourselves to act responsibly? Does it really matter what you post?

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Assessment for Learning in STEM Teaching

Assessment for Learning is a term that’s widely used in education, but applied in ways that are variable in their effectiveness. link

Blogging in the classroom

So I have been mulling over in my head for the past few weeks on whether it would be a good idea to start a class blog continuing on with my thoughts on Writing to Learn. This made me delve into the world of policies and procedures with my local school authority body. At this point in […]

Coding issues the start

I have a major issue with trying to learn a computer programming language these days, and its not that I don’t particularly get what they are trying to communicate. Its just that they are doing it wrong! What do I mean by they are doing it wrong? Well lets take for starters the SAMS Teach […]