Consolidating students dispositions

Part 3

Changing the mathematical disposition of students and the way they approach mathematical problems.

Changing the mathematical disposition of students is interesting. The youcubed framework provided students with opportunities not only to work with different challenges, but with a different mindset approach with each task. To consolidate this task we asked students to create a poster that displayed their mathematical disposition. Below are a few of the best examples taken from our classes. 

By students creating their own growth mindset posters on what has changed in their own mathematical disposition it provided students with an authentic task to not only apply what they had learned, but also apply it visually (Make maths visible). 

The Next Step

The next step whilst we could definitely attribute this to both content within the syllabus and the working mathematically outcomes, however we need to analyse exactly where this fits within the working mathematically framework and content strands to see if this really is measurable, and assessable.

Part Four

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