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Changing Growth Mindsets – Did it work

Part 4 We have noticed significant improvements in the following area’s. Persistence Experimenting and estimating results Problem Solving Reasoning Communication As students have come to better understand the influence of their disposition they will be better equipped to self regulate their learning (including how they work mathematically). The time spent exploring and understanding not only Read More

Consolidating students dispositions

Part 3 Changing the mathematical disposition of students and the way they approach mathematical problems. Changing the mathematical disposition of students is interesting. The youcubed framework provided students with opportunities not only to work with different challenges, but with a different mindset approach with each task. To consolidate this task we asked students to create a poster Read More

Working Mathematically and Growth Mindset

Part 2 How does a change in mathematical disposition and working mathematically work together?  To tackle this question it is necessary to completely strip down what working mathematically is and how it fits not only within the curriculum but also within the content. The statements and definitions of working mathematically can be stripped back to the Read More

Growth Mindset with Mathematical Dispositions

During our professional learning, our leadership team challenged us to develop our own PBL style driving question and mini project to present. In developing the driving question, it made me stop and evaluate exactly what I wanted to achieve or change with students from the beginning of the year. Throughout my teaching so far, I’ve noticed that Read More