ICT in the classroom
Teaching to Code in Classrooms
Teach Coding in the classroom
A teachers guide to teaching coding in the primary classroom
Digital Citizenship
Digital Citizenship, why does it matter? who does it hurt? So what, I don't care what I post, it won't affect me.

ICT in the classroom

Australia is moving into using a full ICT curriculum within the classroom by 2017. My aim for my site is to provide resources for teachers and students to become fantastic 21st Century teachers and learners. This will include :- ICT for infants Apps for literacy Apps for numeracy Apps for feedback ICT skills in the infant classroom ICT for primary including :- ICT Skills Programming or coding skills Computer Game design skills and possibly course STEM skills Robots in the classroom Arduino in the classroom Raspberry pi in the classroom

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Coding in the classroom

<div></div> This is a teachers guide to learning to become a programmer or coder. This is a basic how to guide on teaching coding in the classroom, what do i teach to who? What is appropriate, and what is not? How does this align with the curriculum?

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Digital Citizenship

This is a guide to becomming responsible global digital citizens in this fast paced, dynamic world that we now live in. How can we encourage staff, students and ourselves to act responsibly? Does it really matter what you post?

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The Annual book cover conundrum

The annual teacher book cover conundrum is back again this year. It’s easy to have the same old book covers that you have used for years. That’s not me though. Today my teaching partners and I are trying to be creative and engaging with our Mathematics lessons for this year. Hence our book covers for […]

Not working after leaving work

I did it. Last year for the entire year I did not bring my home with me! The only way this worked was that I was studying part time (2 courses each semester), working full time and still trying to have a life. You will notice that last year the website was barely updated, i’m […]

Flexible Seating arrangements in a litigious society

In society today especially in the state and country that I live in, it seems overly protective throughout most of the day to day running. It is almost a nanny state or country. Work Health and Safety practices now control what most of society can and can’t do. Of course there are some well founded […]

Google Spotlight Stories Digital Literacy

Google has officially upped the anti on Visual Literacy in the Virtual Reality (VR) 360 degree modern age we live in. It truly is a stunning piece of software, and is extremely engaging. If you like me have seen visual literacy done well in the past your about to be blown away by the stunning […]

Early Career Teacher vs Corporate Industry

First of all I need to state that these views are my own and are not of my employers, this is not a criticism towards them at all, I am just trying to reflect objectively.¬† Life as an early career teacher is an interesting and varied job. In my previous experience working in the corporate […]

Project Based Learning in Stage 2 – First Contact.

¬†Overview I originally thought I would introduce Project Based Learning (PBL) concept to my year 4 class that I took over this year. Previously this class had real issues with group work and working in a team and I knew that this could have been something quite difficult. The concept behind PBL is well known, […]

First Contact- PBL- The Built Ship

For those that have been following my journey on building the ship, here is the final result! The Final Result

First Contact – PBL – Building the Ship

The Idea I had been wondering on ways that we could implement Project Based Learning (PBL) into our classroom, and had previously used a similar program at another school. This however would be very different to my last school as the students had never been exposed to this type of learning before. Therefore there was […]

Kahoot for formative assessment

In the last few weeks I’ve been able to use Kahoot in my classroom, and to be honest I’ve loved having it in there. What is Kahoot? You can find the game play/quiz screen here. You can find the setup to the quiz here.¬† For those that don’t already know about it, Kahoot is basically […]

Literacy and Coding – Infants

Literacy is vital to be able to code. Although it is a different type of text reading and different type of decoding of text they are still extremely intertwined. As coding/programming is predominately text based except for scratch and a few other visual programming languages, the ability to read and write is vital in code. […]